How to Cut Through Drywall: 5 Steps DIY Guide

A drywall is known as wallpaper plasterboard. Its trade name is sheetrock made of gypsum and covered with paper. It added the smoothness and strength of the drywall.

Cutting through drywall is not as difficult as you imagine. You can easily cut through drywall by using a cutting knife or a saw blade. But if you want to cut drywall for an electrical box or a keyhole, you have to take some care. 

But don’t worry about everything, stay with me; read the below content. I will tell you how to cut through drywall and some cautions in this content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cut Through Drywall

Drywall can be cut by scoring; it is best to cut through drywall. Here are some steps to cut through drywall.

Step 1: Mark the Cutting Point

Before cutting the drywall, you have to mark a straight line or mark your requirements for marking; use chalk or a pencil and draw the line. You can cut drywall easily and without any mistakes or damage through the marking line.

Step 2: Cut the Drywall

Next, cut through drywall by using a knife or drywall saw. You can use a compass saw or jab saw to cut drywall. You have to use a knife with a bit of pressure to cut just the upper layer of drywall. It would help if you cut slowly and smoothly to make it nice and safe from damage.

Step 3: Break the Drywall

After cutting on the marked line, you break the drywall board. You put pressure with your knee against the side of the cutting line. For putting pressure, you can cut through drywall cleanly.

Step 4: Cut the Back Paper Through Drywall

For the complete separation, you have to cut back the drywall paper with a knife. And finally, you have seen pieces of drywall with straight and excellent cutting.

Step 5: Smooth the Cut Edge of the Drywall

In the last step, if you feel the cut edges are rough, you can smooth the drywall. You have to smooth the cut edges with a rasp and then see the final look.

If you want to cut through drywall for an electric box or keyhole, apply the same method to cut it.

Things You Need to Cut Through Drywall

You have to maintain the required things for excellent and smooth cutting. 

  • A measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Knife
  • Straightedge
  • Rasp

Steps to Repair Drywall

It usually occurs that drywall could be damaged while cutting through drywall. People are worried about how they repair drywall. But don’t worry; here is a step-by-step guide to repairing damaged drywall.

  • Firstly, identify that the crack is clean from debris or another compound. If any paint flakes or debris is present, you must clean it with a knife.
  • After identifying the crack, you need a thin coat of joint compound. Then put it on the top of the crack and drag the down as much as possible.
  • Then remove the excess joint compound from the crack with the help of a knife or a blade. Take care of that; do not touch the joint compound with the hand.
  • Then apply the mesh tape on the fresh compound and press the mesh tape smoothly from top to bottom. You can also do it using a putty knife.
  • Repeat the same procedure two times, but if the crack is enormous, you can apply it three times.
  • After applying the compound, leave it for about 45 minutes to dry.
  • Then after drying, check the crack. If the crack is visible, apply a third coat with sandpaper and leave it again to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Safely Cut Through Drywall?

Drywall can be cut safely by using a cutting knife with a sharp blade and other cutting tools. You have to follow the margin line and cut drywall smoothly. The best tools to cut through drywall are a putty knife, reciprocating saw, utility knife, and track saw with dust collectors.

Can Wet Drywall be Saved?

When the drywall is wet, it becomes soft and weak. But you can save it by using a non-penetrating moisture meter. You can also use a screwdriver to poke the holes in the drywall. When you feel drywall soft, you must understand that the drywall is wet. So you have to save it from damage.

Can a Router be Used to Cut Drywall?

Drywall is easy to cut, but you have to cut through drywall carefully. A spiral saw is a small router that is the best option to cut drywall. It has no issue to cut drywall for an electrical box or keyhole. It can cut holes smoothly, quickly, and nicely without any damage. You do not need marking or straightedge even while cutting through the router. You can cut the drywall accurately without time-consuming measuring.

How Many Coats Do You Need to Repair Drywall?

For repairing the damaged drywall, you have to use joint compound and mash tape for coating. Generally, one or two coats are enough, but if the crack is visible, you can use three coats. After coating, if you see small lumps, you should use sand to join the drywall smoothly and lightly. But you have to apply carefully and not use sand too much.


Drywall can be used for roofs, walls, doors, and windows, and you need to cut through drywall as required. You have to cut extensive drywall sizes small or in a circle or square shape. And sometimes, it could be damaged while usually cutting in square cutting.

People are worried about how to cut through drywall, but now you do not worry. Drywall can be cut in just four to five steps. In the above content, I have explained how you can cut drywall and, if it will damage, how you can repair your damaged drywall.


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