How to Remove Tub Spout Without Set Screw?

We often need to remove the tub spout when upgrading the bathroom or when the tub spout is not working fine. Plumbing work can be challenging, especially when the tub spout is stuck and you do not have the set screw.

Most of us assume it is a tough assignment and needs professional services. You can remove the tub spout without a set screw. But how to remove the tub spout without a set screw? After learning the step-by-step process, I will teach you in this article, stay here to learn easy hacks to remove tub spout without using a set screw.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Tub Spout Without Set Screw

A tub spout may be stuck for several reasons, such as rusting because of water damage or calcification that is most common. You can remove it without using the set screw with some easy steps.

Step 1- Identify the Type.

Firstly, you should identify what type of tub spout is you are using. There are two significant kinds of tub spouts. The first is slip-on spouts, and the second is the screw-in spout.

The slip-on tub spouts have a set screw near its bottom, and it is fitted onto a ½ inch copper pipe. There is no need to thread on the slip-on tub spouts.

The screw-in tub spouts are threaded, and without set screws, they need to twist on and off the attachment, known as pipe or the nipple.

You can also identify the tub spouts type by checking the hole at their ends; if you see a small hole at the end of the tub spout, then it is more chance that you have a slip-on tub spout. Slip-on tub spouts are secured in place with a setscrew underneath over the tub’s copper piping.

You can also identify type by checking the screws; if you see the connecting screws, then it means you have a screw-on tub spout; otherwise, you have a slip-on tub spout.

Step 2- Arrange the Tools.

Once you have identified the type of tub spout, the next step is to arrange the required tools to remove the specific type of tub spout. Generally, you will need cloth or towels and a pipe wrench or pliers.

Step 3- Turn off the Water Supply.

If you want to finish this assignment without creating a mess, you need to take a few steps to complete tasks efficiently. Start your work by shutting off the water supply. You will need to turn off the water supply valve to do that.

If you think it is better to turn off the main water supply, then turn off the main water supply to your building. Make sure you have correctly turned it off, you may see some water drip out of the spout, but it should not be much.

When you have ensured the water is stopped from the tub spout, take a clean towel and cover the drain. It will protect you from foul smells while working and protect you from losing parts down the drain.

Step 4- Remove the Tub Spout.

Here I will guide for both types of tub spouts

Slip-on Tub Spout Removal

If you do not have a screw, take a clean towel and a pipe wrench or pliers.

First, check the copper or caulk threaded fitting; carefully scrape away the excess before twisting the tap if it is caulk. But if it is copper threaded wiring, then snip them before removing them; you will need a tubing cutter to finish this job.

Removing the tub spout once loosened the copper or caulk threading would be possible. Do not forget to wrap the towel around the fixture; it will assist in tapping during removal.

Now carefully use the pliers or pipe wrench to twist the tub spout clockwise to release it. When removing the tub spout, do it carefully, ensuring you do not loosen any pipe connection in the wall.

Screw-on Tub Spout Removal

Take the pliers or wrench and screw it turning clockwise; keep turning until the tub spout loosens. If the tub spout is not cooperating because of rusting, tap the sideways and use steady pressure to pull it out.

You need to apply enough force but avoid too much power to damage the tub spout or drain surface. Once it is loosening, remove it carefully.

If you could not remove the tub spout by this method, you can find an alternative method that may seem unusual. You will need to use a regular hairdryer, where you will need to heat the tub spout to lose its grip.

Never forget to wear safety gloves to protect from electric shock or burning from the hot tub spout. Use a hairdryer to heat the tub spout; it will expand and be easy to turn. But do that carefully; once heat up, the tub spout removes it carefully.


Is Each Type of Tub Spouts Threaded?

Most of the tub spouts are threaded, but each one doesn’t need to be threaded. The spout could be threaded or slip-on if you have a diverter or even a non-diverter tub.

What Are the Easiest Ways to Identify the Type of Tub spouts?

You have several ways, but the easiest way is to check their ends; if there is a small hole, you have a slip-on tub spout; otherwise, your tub spout is screw-on.

How do we Differentiate the Diverter or Non-diverter Tub Spouts?

Check for the lift rod; if your diverter has a lift rod to pull up and push down, then you have a diverter tub spout; otherwise, you have a non-diverter tub spout.


Removing the tub spout is tricky and challenging, but it could be more accessible if you do it carefully according to the guided steps. You can remove it easily after identifying its type and using the right tools like a wrench and towel instead of the set screw. I have guided you through both types of tub spout removal; I hope it will help you solve the issue.


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