How To Soften Grout For Removal?

Having grout around the tiles area is not a thing of wonder. If you do not deal with the tiles cleaning properly at the initial stage, then the accumulation of grout is a must. In addition, if you do not pay attention to its removal, it will become harder, and even you may find it harder as a rock when removing it.

So the question may arise in your mind: how to soften grout for removal? Don’t worry!! Today, in this article, we’ll try to reveal the secrets of how you can get rid of the grout around your tiles. Let’s read our techniques to soften and remove the grout easily and successfully. 

How to Soften Grout for Removal: An Overall Solution

It is not possible for you to directly jump onto the ways to remove the grout. Before setting out for work, first, you need to soften the grout to remove it easily.

Methods to Soften Grout for Removal:

You may find many ways to soften and remove the accumulated grout around the tiles. But the below are very simple ways that are not just inexpensive but also result-producing.

Method 1- Soften the Grout with Heat

The first and the most trusted method to soften the grout is through heat. Before setting out for the work, you will need to arrange some necessary tools such as a heat gun, grout removal tool, and trash or bucket.

Instructions: Things you Need to Remember

  • When picking the heat gun, you have the option to use the blow dryer but make sure it should reach at least a temperature of 300 degrees F. Otherwise, your gun or blower will not effectively work for softening. 
  • Also, ensure that you have set the hairdryer at the lowest setting if you deal with plastic tiles instead of ceramic. Higher temperatures may damage the plastic tiles.
  • You should have the Dremel that is the best tool for removal, but if you do not have the Dremel, then you can use any other decent-quality tool for that purpose.
  • Use any old buckets to carry the grout material, but make sure it does not have a hole in it. Once you have arranged everything, then set out for the next task.

Step By Step Solution: Soften Grout for Removal

Now that you have gathered all the necessary tools and materials, it’s time to start softening the grout for removal. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Heat the Grout

The first and most important step is to heat the grout; you need a lot to set the temperature. Because if you have set the temperature lower than the required, it will not work effectively, but if the temperature is higher, it may damage the tiles.

So whatever tool you have chosen among the heating gun, dry blower, or hairdryer, make sure the temperature is between 300 to 330 F.  It will work fine on the grout and melt the grout easily. 

Step 2: Apply the Heating Gun over the Tiles

When you ensure that the heating gun is properly heating, the next task is to apply it over the tiles. But keep it a minimum of 6 inches away from the tiles; otherwise, you may damage the flooring. While moving the gun, make sure you are using the gun between the tiles to soften the grout properly.

Once you have seen that grout starts peeling from the edge of the tile, it means heat has done its work, and now your surface is ready for the next step.

Step 3: Hold the Grout Removal Tool to Remove the Peeled Grout

It could be a complicated task because both of your hands will be used to working. You will need to hold the gun in one hand, while in the next hand, you will hold the grout removal tool to remove the peeled grout from the tile’s surface.

Do not make a mistake as many people do; they stop using a heating gun that makes the grout hard again. So keep it using but keep it 6 to 8 inches away from the tiles. Now gently use the grout removal to remove the peeled material.

Step 4: Change the Heating gun Angle to Heat the Underside of the Mortar

Once initial removal has been done, change the heating gun angle to heat the underside of the mortar which will assist you in softening the grout at the bottom. Once it starts peeling, remove the bottom grout with the tool removal.

Step 5: Clean the Tiles with Washing Soap/Tile Cleaning Material

Next to that, turn off the heating material and also set aside the grout removal tool. Clean the tiles with washing soap or recommended tile cleaning material. You will get good and clean tiles.


Never apply too much force on the surface and also avoid using heating closer to the tiles; otherwise, you may break the tiles. If a tile breaks, immediately replace it; otherwise, it will cause severe problems and damage further tiles.

Alternative DIY Methods: Soften and Removing Grout From Tile Surface

Some DIY methods may help you to soften the grout to remove it from the tiles.

(A) Soften the Grout with Vinegar:

Vinegar is a natural acid that helps to clean the tiles and remove hard stains such as grout. You will need to arrange the tools to do the job successfully.

Things you need:

  • Vinegar.
  • Gloves.
  • Scraper .
  • Water and ensure ventilation.

Step 1: (Apply the Vinegar directly on the tiles)

First of all, apply the Vinegar directly on the tiles to make sure it properly covers the areas, and there is no space left with grout. Once you have applied, leave it for some time. It is good to leave it for 30 minutes. But if not possible, you can remove it immediately, but it will work better if you allow it to work.

Step 2: (Take the scraper and scrape the grout)

Now take the scraper and scrape the grout; you will see the grout has become softer and easily removed. Once you have removed it, the grout runs the water and removes the vinegar from the tiles. Do not allow the vinegar for longer than 30 minutes; otherwise, tiles may change their color.


  • Never use it carelessly before applying the vinegar; make sure you have a proper ventilation arrangement; otherwise, it may cause breathing problems. 
  • Vinegar is a weak acid, but it may burn your skin if you touch it for more time, so wear safety gloves.

(B) Alternative Products to Vinegar:

If you do not want to use the vinegar, other alternative options to choose are applied with the same process as the vinegar. The two best products may help you to soften grout for removal.

  • Brick Cleaner.
  • Sulfamic Acid.


What Tools Could I use to Remove the Grout?

You can choose among various oscillating tools with blades or reciprocating saw with grabber blades to remove the grout.

Could I use the Bleach to Soften the Grout?

No, it is strictly avoided. It will damage the color of the tiles; after using the bleach, your discolored tiles will look very tedious. So it is better to avoid using bleach only the recommended brick cleaner chemical to remove the grout.


The grout is the cement material applied between the tiles to keep the bond. But if you do not remove it over time, it will become harder to remove. Though there are some easy ways to remove the grout, first, you will need to soften the grout.

We have also shared some of the easiest ways with you to soften and remove grout from the tiles to make them clean and clear. If you have any suggestions or experiences you can share them with us.


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