How to Tap into a Drain Pipe | 5 Easy DIY Steps

Drain pipes are used to supply water and drainage. Drain pipes prove relatively straightforward for homeowners and plumbers to work. It is easy to cut and tap another line into for any addition. It does not matter whether you are using copper, iron, or plastic; the procedure is the same.

Taping the drain pipe is not a challenging task. It can be done in just 4 to 5 steps. You need to remove the damaged pipe and use couplers to seal and fix the new pipe. Then check the drain line so that it does not leak.

Stay with me here. I will explain to you the step-by-step procedure of tapping into a drain pipe.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tap into a Drain Pipe

Here are a few steps to help you to tap into a drain pipe. Firstly, you should identify the damaged portion of the pipe, and then you can tap it below easy steps.

Step – 1: Remove the Pipe

After identifying the point that you have to tap, you need to remove the damaged pipe to tap it. You can easily cut the plastic pipe with the saw. But if the pipe is hard or cast iron, you have to use a cordless reciprocating saw with delicate blades.

Step – 2: Place the Couplers

You have to take at least two couplers to help you attach the new piece of pipe. Couplers may have 4 inches. Fernco couplers are the best option for underground grain pipelines. You have to place the couplers on both sides of the remaining pipe. Make sure that the coupler has fit-out on the pipe.

Step 3: Take a New Pipe

Then you have to take a piece of pipe which has been fit among the pipe. Measure the pipe and fix it in the coupler on both sides. Slide the pipe at least 2 inches into the coupler. Then, you have to repeat the above process on the other side of the pipe and the other coupler.

Step 4: Tighten the Couplers

After fixing the pipe into the couplers, you will need to tighten the couplers. For that, use a torque wrench to tighten the coupler. But, take care that you do not tighten the coupler too hard because it can damage the pipe. You can use cement to fix the pipes, but it is not the best way.

Step 5: Check the Drain Pipe

Finally, when you properly change the damaged pipe with the new pipe, you should check the drain pipe to avoid leaking from any side. Before covering the pipeline, you must check the pipe bypassing the water. If the water does not leak, you have done it successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Tap the Drain Pipe?

The plastic pipe is resistant and very strong while taping. You have to use a tap wrench to tap the pipe. By using a piece of pipe and two couplers, you can tap the drain pipe. If you do it carefully, you can see the positive result.

What is the Depth of the Drain Pipe?

The depth of the drain pipe usually is more than 6 inches. A residential pipeline has 6 feet of depth; if the grade of the curb is accurate, the depth is 7.5 inches. But sometimes, its depth could be 8 feet or above for commercial places. However, the depth of the drain pipe is always 6 or +6 inches.

Do we Drill Plastic Without Damaging It?

Yes, we can drill plastic without damage; we need to do it carefully. A hot metal rod or a drill machine can be used to drill the plastic pipes. But a hot metal rod is a better option than the drill machine to drill a plastic pipe. It can be readily available and requires less skill. We can repair a damaged pipe using a hot metal rod, baking soda, and glue.

How do Tapping Valves Work?

When you do wet tapping, place the tapping valve and the tapping fitting on the line. When the fitting and valve are in place, the mainline is taped. The valve is closed when the drill is pulled back, keeping water from leaking out of the drain pipe.


Drain pipes are usually used to supply water. If these are damaged or leak, the water supply can be stopped, or it may damage the building base. If the damage is not massive, you can tap it by yourself. It is a simple process containing a couple of easy steps. You have identified from the above guide to tap the damaged pipe using couplers.

If you have learned the above process correctly, you can deal with most situations. Generally, it is not an arduous task, but sometimes when damage is complex, it is better to prefer professional services for the right job.


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