R13 VS R15 Insulation: Which One is Better?

R13 and R15 are two standard insulation options, and it becomes tough to decide the best one. If can’t choose the right insulation system for your home, it may worsen your living experience. So, the question is which one is better when it comes to choosing r13 vs r15 insulation.

R13 is an excellent and affordable insulation option for walls, but it may not suit floors or attics due to low heat resistance. On the other hand, R15 is a little expensive but is excellent for heat resistance and suitable for walls, floors, and attics.

However, both of them are excellent, but still, there are some differences. Let’s know more details.

R13 VS R15: Quick Comparison Chart

Basis of comparisonR13R15
Heat resistanceVery GoodExcellent
Noise resistanceVery GoodExcellent
ApplicationBest for wallsSuitable for walls, floor, and attics
CostIn-expensive expensive
PerformanceVery GoodExcellent
Thermal protectionVery GoodExcellent
InsulationVery GoodExcellent

R13 vs R15 Insulation: A Thorough Guide

Mainly we only consider the heat control for insulation, but there are many other features to consider for choosing the proper insulation for your project.

1. Heat Resistance:

The major feature of knowing the right insulation performance level is its heat resistance. R13 and r15 are two of the best insulation options at most places. You may see r13 as an excellent alternative to r15, but R15 has better heat resistance features than r13 and is a better choice in specific situations.

2. Noise Control:

Noise control is another essential feature to consider. Good insulation always offers more fantastic features for noise control. Good noise-resistive insulation reduces noise and protects noise going out of the home or from coming into your home.

Both r13 and r15 are excellent for noise reduction, but r15 offers better and more controlled performance than r13. So for that reason, if you live in a noisy place, then r15 is a better choice for you than r13.

3. Pest Resistance:

You may not consider it an essential function of the insulation material, but good insulation protects your home from pests. You have good insulation treated with specific pesticides to keep pests in control from entering your home.

There is not much difference in pest resistance features; you should ensure good insulation treated with pesticides to keep ants, mice, and spiders out of your house. R13 and r15 are found to be good pest-resistive insulations to install.

4. Cost:

Cost is undoubtedly an essential factor to consider; r15 is more expensive insulation than r13. If you have a reasonable budget and want excellent insulation, r15 is the best choice. R13 could be a great choice when looking for affordable alternatives.

5. Durability:

Several factors may decrease the durability and lifespan of insulation. Poor maintenance may reduce the durability of r15 than r13. But in practice, r15 offers better durability than r13 insulation. You may find it a little expensive, but it is inexpensive in the long run if used with proper care and maintenance.

6. Moisture Resistance:

R13 and r15 insulations are excellent for moisture resistance, and good quality, and the suitable R-value ensures good moisture resistance. But over time and due to wear and tear, as its heat resistance decreases same is its behavior for moisture resistance.

But r15 is a thicker insulation material than r13 that offers you slightly better resistance against water and moisture if living in rainy areas; then r15 is better than r13 insulation to install in your house.

7. Versatility in Use:

R13 and r15 are good insulations to use in most places. But r15 is better and versatile than r13. You can use r15 for the floor, attics, and walls. But r13 is only reasonable to use for walls. Its performance for attics and floor is not as good as r15. Getting only r15 is enough for all your needs.

8. Performance:

You may think r15 offers a more fantastic performance than r13. But in practice, both insulations are used and found not much difference in performance. R15 offers slightly better performance than r13 but is not much different, so they use it as an alternative solution in many situations.

What are the Similarities Between R13 and R15?

No doubt r13 and r15 are different insulation options, but some similarities may confuse you.

1. Face or Unfaced Insulation:

Both insulations come in faced and unfaced insulation. When it comes to faced insulation, there are barriers on the head. In comparison, the unfaced insulation is excellent when you need to use insulations on top of the existing insulations.

2. Ideal Choice for 2×4 Wall:

If you are looking for insulation for 2×4 walls, you can use either r13 or r15. You may get confused when you hear about 2×4 and think it is 4 inches deep wall. But most of the time, a 2×4 wall is only 3.5 inches. So, you can use any of the insulation for 2×4 wall r13 or r15 without any worry.

3. Similar Thermal Protection:

No worry about their thermal protection features because you will get the same performance from r13 and r15. But it is essential to use them in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): R13 vs R15 insulation

Which is Better for Garage Walls Insulation r13 vs r15?

When it comes to finding the insulation for the walls, there is no need to be confusing to choose. You can use any of both because garage walls are 2×4 walls. R13 and r15 are both fit to use for 2×4 walls.

Could I use r13 for Floors?

You may see r13 in flooring projects, but r13 is not a good choice alone for the flooring projects. For flooring projects, r15 insulation is a better choice. But sometimes, r13 in combination with r15 could use for flooring projects.

What to Consider When Choosing the Insulation?

You may consider many factors, but you should remember certain factors such as cost, location, the purpose of use, and your home structure when purchasing insulation.

What are the Features Differences Between R13 and R15?

R-Value of material means the level of resistance; the higher the R-Value better is the resistance against heat. R15 and R13 could be used as alternatives, but in certain situations where R-value has greater importance, R15 means higher resistance, better insulation, and a durable solution than R13.

Which is Better r13 Insulation or r15?

In practicality, not much difference is found in their performance, but versatility in use and slightly better features make r15 a better choice than r13. But for a low budget, r13 could be excellent insulation rather than r15.


Proper insulation ensures the right environment in your home. It also protects you from several problems such as severe weather effects, noise, and many other hazardous. But it is a bit confusing when choosing the proper insulation for your house.

R13 and R15 are two popular insulation solutions widely used in most places. R13 and r15 are not found much difference in their performance. Few better features such as better resistance against heat, moisture, noise, long lifespan, and thermal protection make r15 a better choice than r13.


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