How to Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating?

It is a very frustrating experience when you install vinyl plank flooring, and you see it seems separate. But no worry, it happens to almost everyone who experiences that; it is an easy solution. You can also fix it yourself.

It is quite essential to fix the separations immediately; otherwise, you may face more damage. We have found some easy ways that may help you to fix the vinyl plank flooring separations.

What are the Reasons for Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating?

Before jumping to the solution of vinyl plank flooring separating, we should first learn the reasons for happening. Several factors may cause such separations. I will mention some of the major reasons that may cause separation in vinyl flooring.

1. Weather Factors:

Among the major factors of such separations, the weather is one of the most founding factors that may cause vinyl plank flooring to separate. 

It is heavily affected by the temperature; it may start sweltering outside when there is more temperature. It may melt the glue, and you may feel expansion and gaps between the vinyl plank flooring.

Not only does the temperature increase because of separation, but enough coldness may also cause floor separations. Some experienced people say that the low temperature causes more separation than the cold temperature. To ensure a moderate temperature inside.

2. Poor Subfloor Condition:

The leveling of the subfloor is also impacting the performance of vinyl plank flooring. If you have a poor level or rough subfloor, it may also cause separating or buckling problems.

3. Moisture:

Moisture could also be the reason for weak, buckled, and lifted vinyl flooring. If your vinyl flooring is of poor quality and there may be small gaps left, then moisture from the surroundings may trap under the vinyl flooring and cause buckling or separating issues with time.

4. Careless Use:

Like every item, there are some limitations to its use. So if you want a long-lasting life of your vinyl flooring, then remember the guidelines to use. Your improper use of vinyl flooring may also cause damage, such as buckling or separating.

5. Rolling Heavy Furniture:

Vinyl Plank flooring is a durable flooring option. But your consistent and careless rolling and sliding of heavy items such as furniture items may also cause damage to vinyl flooring. To avoid rolling the heavy-size furniture items over the vinyl flooring surface.

How to Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating?

If you are experiencing the vinyl flooring separating issue, follow my simple step-by-step guidelines to fix the issue successfully in different ways.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating:

Method 1: Fix the Separating Problem with Caulking

It is a pretty easy and quick solution to fix the vinyl flooring separating issue through caulking. It is a good solution because it will act as the best barrier between water and is a reliable solution to fill the separating.

1. Choose the Right Caulking:

First of all, pick the right caulking material to use for filling the separating. Please pick the latex because it comes with good expansion and low odor features.

Acrylic could also be a great choice because it ensures long life and is more durable than the latex material. But suppose you want the best caulking material. In that case, silicone is our first preference that comes with excellent features such as better durability and low odor than both materials.

2. Floors Cleaning:

You need to prepare the floor for working so, ensure proper cleanliness of the floor. You can use the vacuum cleaner and then water to remove all the dust and debris to get a clean floor. Make sure there are no hurdles in the way when you are applying the caulking.

3. Apply Masking Tape:

It is necessary to apply masking tape because it will protect your floor from excessive caulking material. It only ensures the application of material over the required spots.

4. Apply Caulking:

Now you are ready to apply the caulking material over the affected surface. Use your damp finger to apply them and remove the caulking material. Make sure all the separations are filled properly.

5. Paint:

In the end, check the area; if it is prominent, you should use paint or stain in the same color as the vinyl flooring to hide it. It will blend and look perfect; your vinyl flooring separations will also close.

Method 2: Repair the Vinyl Flooring Separating by Replacing it with a New One

You can follow below six easy steps below to repair the vinyl flooring separating.

Step One:

First of all, identify and remove the nearest planks to work with ease. It will also protect other planks from damage.

Step Two:

After that, take out the molding closest to the wall perimeter; it will easily remove the planks.

Step Three:

After offing the molding, the next task is to remove the neighboring planks closest to the wall. You should remove all the planks until you have accessed the damaged plank.

Step Four:

Once you have identified the damaged plank, remove it to replace it with a new plank. But ensure that your new plank is of the same size and quality.

Step Five:

After installing a new block in the place of the damaged plank, reinstall the entire removed plank from the damaged plank toward the wall. Make sure all planks are fixed properly at their spots.

Step Six:

Once you have installed all the planks back in their place, reinstall the molding and finish your job. It’s done.

Tips for Proper Maintenance of the Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Direct sunlight may cause damage to vinyl plank, so; protect your vinyl plank flooring in direct contact with sunlight. You can protect it from sunlight by using a window, curtain, or through some other arrangements.
  • Do not slide the heavy items such as heavy furniture equipment.
  • Clean and wash it properly with water or recommended vinyl cleaning chemicals. Avoid using hard chemicals that may damage the vinyl plank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to Fix Vinyl Plank Flooring Separating?

Could I use Lacquer or Thinner for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It is better to layer the new installation with lacquer or thinner to protect vinyl plank flooring from separation issues. After applying thinner, cover it with wax paper and place some weight over it, leaving it for 24 hours for better results.

Should I use Vinyl Plank Flooring in Bathrooms or the Kitchen?

You may feel insecure after hearing that it is damaged with water or temperature.
But no worry, if you have proper installation of vinyl plank flooring, you can use it in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, bedrooms, and whatever place you want.
But you need the care to use it and if you see a little damage fix it immediately to avoid further problems.

Should I Hire Professional Services for Vinyl Plank Separating Issues Fixation?

It is not a complex job; you can also do that. But if you feel uncomfortable with that task and do not have much skill, it is better to hire professional services.


Vinyl plank flooring is a cheap, durable, and beautiful flooring option that you can install anywhere. But vinyl plank separating or buckling issue is common. It doesn’t look good, but you can fix it easily by yourself or through a professional.

We have guided you with two easy techniques to fix the buckling or vinyl plank flooring separating problem. You can easily fix the problem timely by following the above easy tips.


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