How To Install Newel Post On Flat Floor?

A Newel post is a supporting post that can be installed by drilling it on the flat floor. But if you are a newbie you may think about the process of how to install new posts on a flat floor. 

Well,  Installing a perfect newel post on a flat floor is no longer a hassle if you have perfect technical details.  Suppose you have determined the place of its installation and also have cut the length. Next to that read the following guide to secure a firm newel post on a flat floor. 

How to Install Newel Post on Flat Floor?

Let’s discuss the methods and steps you need to follow while Installing new posts on a flat floor. 

Method 1: Installation of Newel Post Through a Newel Mounting Plate

One popular method of installing a newel post on a flat floor is by using a newel mounting plate. This method provides stability and ensures that the newel post is securely attached to the floor. Here are the step-by-step instructions for this installation method:

Steps to Follow When Installing Newel Post on Flat Floor:

  • Step 1: Screw the Steel Plate in the Bottom of the Post

 First of all, screw the steel plate at the bottom of the post and then screw the plate attached to the post into the flat floor. 

But make sure you have proper backing on the floor and are well aware and protect you from electrical wires. If it is essential, then you can also plumb the small shims under the plate.

  • Step 2: Cover the Plate with a Molding

Next to that, cover the plate with a molding that is nailed and mitered into the place. You have done your job.

This method is widely used for securing the newel post on the flat floor because it is pretty easy. It adds the molding at the post’s bottom that covers the mounting plate. 

But it is optional; you can add the molding or not mount the post.

Method 2: Install the Newel Post Through Insert Runner

It is a little more difficult than the first one but it is not much difficult. You can follow that method when you are installing the new post without molding. 

Top 3 Steps to Follow: Installing the Newel Post Without Molding:

  • Step 1: Use the Hanger Bolt with a Steel Insert

You will need to use the hanger bolt with a steel insert. For that purpose, you will need to drill the finished floor to the point where you need to install the newel post to insert the insert runner.

  • Step 2: Take the insert runner and install the insert at the point

Take the insert runner and install the insert at the point; you also have the option to use an open-end wrench and two nuts to install the insert. 

  • Step 3: Thread Hangers Bolt into the Hole

After that, thread hangers bolt into the hole that you have already drilled in the center of the post. In the end, add a little amount of glue around the steel insert. That’s it, you have inserted the insert, and the post is also threaded down tightly.

The process is easier because you can quickly complete that process without molding at the bottom of the post. It is the least powerful way to mount the post on a flat floor. 

But it is suitable for several purposes, such as a long straight section where you cannot perform the first method.

Method 3: Installation of Newel Post Through Angle Bracket Newel Post Fastener

Our last picked way to install a newel post on the flat floor is through an angle bracket newel post fastener This is also a simple way and suitable for several reasons.

Steps to Follow Using Angle Bracket Newel Post Fastener:

  • Step 1: Start with Marking and Pre-drilling the Holes into the Post

Start with marking and pre-drilling the holes into the post to use angle brackets. After that, attach the angle bracket from each side but make sure the angle bracket does not cross the bottom of the post.

  • Step 2: Placement of the Post with the Attached Angle Brackets

After that, you need to place the post with the attached angle brackets on the predrilled holes. Screw the post at the spot on the flat floor. 

But again, you need to check there is no electrical wiring issue, and there should be backing on the floor.

  • Step 3: Cover the Angle Brackets

Finally, to cover the angle brackets, you need to miter the molding around the post bottom.

This method is a little longer and more difficult than the first one but gives the same finishing look as the first method as molding at the bottom of the post.

All the above methods are pretty easy and assist you in securing the new post on the flat floor. But we recommend the first method through the newel mounting plate. It is the easiest way and provides more strength due to the additional plate at the bottom of the post.


We often need to install newel posts on a flat floor. Most of us hire professional services, but it is pretty easy to do it by following any of the above methods. The first method is pretty secure and easy to mount the newel post on a flat floor.


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