How to Open Gorilla Glue | Simple 5 Steps

Gorilla glue is extra strong waterproof glue that can make a clear and permanent bond just in seconds on the surfaces of glass, plastic, metal, and ceramics. It is a moisture-curing polyurethane that can absorb moisture from the air to be cured.  It is common that before use you need to open the glue bottle.

You may face a problem if you don’t know how to open gorilla glue. Opening gorilla glue is not a challenging task. First, you should turn the lid of the glue bottle clockwise. But, if it does not open, apply a different method to open it. You can open the lid just in a few steps. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Open Gorilla Glue

Surely you will need to open the Gorilla glue bottle before using it. It is not a complex job; you can easily open the gorilla glue.  Just check the bottle and read the instructions on the bottle for opening.

You will see an arrow mentioned on the bottle for opening. Follow the direction of the arrow and turn the lid as directed. You should turn its lid counterclockwise for opening.

Most of the time, it opens easily, but if you face trouble turning the lid, follow the below step-by-step guide.

Step One- Arrange Required Tools and Materials:

Plastic Gloves– Plastic gloves ensure the safe opening of the bottle. It will also protect your hands from glue if it touches; your hands will dry in a couple of seconds. It will be a painful experience to remove glue from the skin.

Knife– The knife will help you to open the lid

Screwdriver- If the bottle is stuck, then you will need to break the seal for opening; a screwdriver will help you to break the seal

Hot water– Old stored bottles for more than a year could be challenging to open because of the strong bond of the lid. If you could not open it after seal breakage, hot water will help you open the bottle.

Step Two- Remove the Plastic Cover:

Once you have arranged all the materials now, you will need to remove the plastic cover of the gorilla glue bottle. If it seems complicated to open with a hand, you should use a knife or other cutting equipment. But, you have to do it carefully.

Step Three- Break the Seal:

After removing the plastic cover from the bottle lid, you will have to break the seal of the gorilla glue bottle. The lid surface could become problematic when it cannot be turned. It would help if you had to break the internal seal of the lid. A screwdriver can be used to open the seal of the bottle. 

But, if the bottle’s lid is not opened even after breaking the seal, go to the next step. Don’t apply too much force because it could damage the lid. If damaged, it will become very tough to open the glue.

Step Four- Soften the Glue:

Your old stored gorilla glue will become harder enough that it could only open if it becomes a little softer. For softening the glue, you will need to apply something hot to melt the glue. Surely hot water will help you to soften the glue without any damage.

Get hot water in a pot and place the bottle in the pot for a couple of minutes. Do not worry; gorilla glue could bear 100 degrees Centigrade easily. You can also rinse it under hot water for a couple of minutes.

Do not worry; the bottle will not become defective in hot water. Water temperature slowly enters the bottle and melts the glue.

Step Five- Open the Gorilla Glue:

Take it out from hot water and try to open the lid; surely it will be open. But if it does not open with two or three tries, leave applying much force. 

Place it again in hot water and try again. There is no better way than placing in hot water; if the glue is too hard, it may take three to four tries.

Once it is opened, use it and quickly close the lid; it will become hard if you place it open. After use, store it properly at moderate temperature. Remember, you should not store it more than 6 months after first use.

What Should I do if Gorilla Glue does not Soften by Placing it in Hot Water?

It often opens with hot water, but if it does not open, then try this tricky technique. After heating the water enough, add some dish detergent and ammonia to the water. Indeed it will work, and you will be able to open the gorilla glue on your first attempt after softening it.

Take clean water and place it over the stove for a couple of minutes. When you feel it becomes hot enough, add a few drops of ammonia and dish detergent and boil it for a further couple of minutes. Now the hot mixture is ready for work.

How do I Remove the Gorilla Glue from my Skin?

Never open the bottle without wearing plastic gloves, but if it touches your skin, even dealing with care, do not be a worry. It is undoubtedly a painful process to remove the gorilla glue from the skin, but olive oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil could make it easier.

Apply any of the above available oils on your skin and leave it for a couple of minutes. Make sure you have applied enough oil. After a couple of minutes, you can remove it quickly by scorching it with nails or a plastic scraper. It will remove the dried glue without any irritation.

It will be an excellent technique to wet your skin with oil before opening the bottle. It will protect your skin from complex bonding with glue.


Gorilla glue is the best glue to join the pipe’s connections, especially in commercial places. Opening a gorilla glue bottle sometimes becomes challenging when you have the old stored bottle. But it could be an easy job if you apply proper techniques for the opening.


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